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J&K-2pintopinterestWe met at the Spruce Mountain trailhead…apparently there are a few, because before we actually met at the same one, we had to find each other as we were both at trailheads that were almost identical but a couple miles apart!  Once we were at the same trail, we started our little hike and engagement session.  They have such an adventurous spirit and are outdoor lovers so it made sense to take advantage of the beautiful state we live in and get some mountain time in! They picked an amazing location too!  It was freezing, but as Jessica said, the fresh air was cold and was good!  And she was right, the hike was invigorating and refreshing.  They were hoping for some snowy pictures and as we were walking we got some flurries on and off,  as if the sky was sprinkling a little magic on them.  We walked in a woodland snow globe together and did a lot of laughing in the snow.

J&K-6pintopinterest J&K-7pintopinterest J&K-12pintopinterest J&K-14pintopinterest J&K-18pintopinterest L&R-13 copypintopinterest J&K-20pintopinterest J&K-21pintopinterest J&K-38pintopinterest L&R-13pintopinterest J&K-29pintopinterest J&K-15pintopinterest J&K-30pintopinterest J&K-33pintopinterest J&K-41pintopinterest J&K-47pintopinterest J&K-57.jpgpintopinterest J&K-49pintopinterest J&K-51pintopinterest J&K-53pintopinterest

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L&R-111pintopinterestThere is something so romantic about a wedding ceremony so intimate as an elopement.  Leah and Ricky got married on a sunny, blustery January day at YA YA Farm & Orchard  in the presence of the father of the bride and the brides brother, who also officiated their ceremony.  A wedding day is about you and the person you love and there was BIG love shown on their wedding day in such a simplistic way.  I just loved everything about it. I felt like I really witnessed something special and feel so honored to have met such lovely people.   The barn that they had their ceremony in was build by Leah’s father, who had also worked at the orchard.  I loved listening to his stories about it!  Beautiful light just poured in on them during their ceremony which made it pure magic.  Everything about their wedding was so charming and beautiful, the setting, the beautiful blue skies and majestic mountains behind the farm, even the little wisps of wind (okay, maybe they where big gusts of wind) just added more whimsy to their small charmed affair making it nothing less than perfection.  Birds flying over mountain-1pintopinterest L&R-3pintopinterest L&R-9pintopinterest L&R-18pintopinterest L&R-19pintopinterest L&R-16pintopinterest L&R-28pintopinterest L&R-13pintopinterest L&R-29pintopinterest L&R-41pintopinterest L&R-51pintopinterest L&R-52 BWpintopinterest L&R-54pintopinterest L&R-57pintopinterest L&R-66pintopinterest L&R-61pintopinterest L&R-153pintopinterest L&R-78pintopinterest L&R-73pintopinterest L&R-86pintopinterest L&R-81pintopinterest L&R-148pintopinterest L&R-94pintopinterest L&R-109pintopinterest L&R-103pintopinterest L&R-112pintopinterest L&R-111pintopinterest L&R-118 BWpintopinterest L&R-115pintopinterest L&R-136pintopinterest L&R-137pintopinterest L&R-145pintopinterest L&R-151pintopinterest L&R-128pintopinterest heavenspintopinterest Front Range-1pintopinterest

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  • Mom

    Love…from a mothers heart 🙂 Always!ReplyCancel

  • Delois Freeman

    Absolutely beautiful! It was indeed magical.ReplyCancel

Ink - 10pintopinterestBennett planned to propose to Lindsey in Denver and he contacted me not only to shoot an engagement session with them afterwards, but to get a shot of him proposing to her as well!  Bennett should write the guidelines on how to propose, he seriously went all out and put so much thought and time into make it so memorable and special.  First he planned their trip to Denver from Montana, telling Lindsey he was taking her to her first Bronco’s game.  Then he contacted me to set up the engagement session, giving me the details of where he was going to propose, and photos of them so I would recognize them without giving myself of away!  So I waited for them Thursday morning at ink! Coffee, Lindsey’s favorite coffee shop from when she lived in Denver (she even named her dog Ink!) As I waited there for them, Bennett gave me a play by play of where they were via text, and I, along with the baristas I recruited, tried to make sure there was a place for them to sit when they got there.  Bennett sat her down, ordered their drinks and then proposed!  We (my new friends at Ink and I) got to see the entire happy moment!  Sigh… We then had an engagement session in the Confluence Park area of Denver, and I could understand why Bennett wanted to make this so special for her, Lindsey is just as lovely as she is beautiful.  Later that night they went to the Broncos game, which I also happened to be at, and what did I see on the billboard during the Mile High Shout Outs, Bennett had their engagement announced! He is just full of surprises!  It was so great getting to know Lindsey and Bennett and share in their beautiful moment!  I wish you both all the happiness in the world! Ink - 1pintopinterest Ink - 2pintopinterest Ink - 3pintopinterest Ink - 4pintopinterest Ink - 7pintopinterest Ink - 13pintopinterest Ink - 5pintopinterest Ink - 6pintopinterest Ink - 14pintopinterest Ink - 8pintopinterest Ink - 9pintopinterest Ink - 10pintopinterest Ink - 12pintopinterest Ink - 15pintopinterest Ink - 16pintopinterest

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  • Lea Flynn

    OMG! Erin, these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing talent! I started crying looking at them too… Staci is SO beautiful, and Dan SO handsome! You two are so lovely together! My heart is melted!ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thank you so much Lea! They melt my heart as well! I kept sighing as I was going through them! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Virginia Ridgeway

    These are beautiful– very sweet and touching!ReplyCancel

  • Anastasia

    Hooray! Having these show up on my facebook feed made my day! They are so beautiful, Erin! We love them! 😀ReplyCancel

    • admin

      I am so happy to have made your day!!! I think you and Dan are super awesome! I’m elated to be working with you!ReplyCancel